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Website updated!
Some sections of the website are down but they will be restored as soon as possible. In the meantime, please read the latest news about my musical activities:

Discography section now active.

My pal Sebastian Persini has released his first solo album entitled "Lost City".

Sebastian is a young but very talented drummer and composer from Argentina (who can also play almost all the other instruments too!)
It was really cool to take part to this album, not only as guest musician, but also as mixing & mastering engineer and graphic designer for the whole artwork...



Chris, he's Virgil Donati's webmaster who also co-produces his DVDs and online lessons.

He connected me with Virgil back in September of 2008. This was a very special record for Chris as he's been a drummer for most of his life and always wanted to have a solo record.
I'm very happy to be on this record...



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